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Watch the video of the master class with Professor Vinaum, Philosophy student (UNICAMP) and researcher in Political Philosophy, and Audino Vilão, History student (Anhanguera), both members of Quebrada Cult. The collective brings together students, professors and researchers from the “quebrada” area who produce content for social networks focusing on young people from suburbs.

The thirteen video episodes shown below were created from an intimate dialogue with the life stories presented in this exhibition. Discussing topics such as religious repression, the armed struggle, the black movement, the economic miracle, among others, the professors help us to understand more deeply the historical context of the dictatorship and how what happened at that time reflects on the world today.


Download the free educational support PDF for students and teachers. It contains reflections on the topics covered in the virtual exhibition and in the master class, as well as additional and complementary content such as articles, books, movies, podcasts and songs.

It is a co-realization between Museu da Pessoa (Museum of the Person) and Quebrada Cult, here represented by Layne Gabriele, who holds a degree in Higher Interdisciplinary Training Program (ProFIS), is a graduate student in Literature (UNICAMP) and a researcher in the field of Psycholinguistics, and Matheus Passos, a.k.a. Titeu, an undergraduate student in History (UFBA) and researcher in the field of History of Religions.