Relatives of those who were killed or disappeared for political reasons struggled for decades, demanding the clarification of crimes that occurred during the Brazilian military dictatorship, so that in 2011 the National Truth Commission was created.

It was an important milestone in the construction of a narrative memory and the truth about the violence and repressive practices of the State between 1964 and 1985. It was equally important because it formulated 29 recommendations so that the State will be able to provide  justice regarding the crimes committed, compensating symbolically, financially and psychologically the victims and reforming its institutions, as well as improving democracy in order not to repeat the violations of human rights that occurred in that period.

Compliance with the recommendations of the NTC is essential for the State and society to overcome their authoritarian past, preventing impunity, human rights violations and violent and repressive practices from persisting in the present.


Source: Portal Memórias da Ditadura