Risomar Fasanaro

Recife/PE, 1944
Interview granted in 2022

Risomar Fasanaro is a teacher and poet. She was born in Recife / PE on March 1, 1944. During the dictatorship, prior censorship and ideological persecution not only affected the press and the arts, but also harmfully modified the school environment. Risomar tells us how a student’s drawing became a police matter.


I have a friend whose name is Regina, she’s very good at drawing. She drew Che Guevara with Chinese ink, a beautiful work, on a sheet of this size. The next day I didn’t have my first class. When I arrived, the first thing I asked her, Regina, what about the drawing? “I gave it to Zé Domingues”. Then I said, “Regina, you gave it to Zé!”. I really liked this student, he was my student and he was her student too. During the break time, the boy came and I asked him to see the drawing. Look at the dedication she wrote. “To the future guerrilla of tomorrow, with love Re”. She signed Re.

A few days later, the boy did not show up at school, Zé Domingues, then the next Monday he showed up. Then I said “Zé, what is going on with you? Why did you miss the classes so much?” Then he took me aside and said, “Riso, the Dops went to my house, turned everything upside down and found Re’s drawing, it was in a drawer with a cloth on top, they found it, and they’re looking for Regina. I came here today just to tell you this, because they are looking for Regina”.

So, what did I do? Regina didn’t have class that day. When I got home, at night I said, “I’ll take a chance, I’ll call her”. She lived in her aunt’s house, because she was from the countryside and came here to study. I called and told her “Re, the Dops is looking for you, tomorrow at a certain time, meet me at the Júlio Prestes station”, I said, “I can’t say anything else”. The next day I went there and told her what had happened. “They will look for you. So put your socks in your bag, a scarf, a toothbrush”, I gave her the things I put in my bag when I went to the protests and rallies.

So they went, pretending to be her students. Then the aunt looked and said, “it is not possible these gentlemen are too old to be students, they are much older, they cannot be students”. “What time does she arrive”? “She arrives at a certain time.” When they came back at night, they took her, put a bag over her head, interrogated her, took her bag, looked at everything, everything, everything, saw the pictures she had in her bag, there were some pictures of her, her mother, her father fishing – that they were ranchers – and they realized she had nothing to do with it, so they took her back. She still doesn’t know where she was taken.

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