Rita Moreira

São Paulo/SP, 1944
Jornalist and videomaker
Interview granted in 2022

Rita Silveira Cintra Moreira is a journalist and video producer, born in São Paulo/SP, on November 1, 1944. Rita is known for directing documentaries such as Lesbian Mothers (1972), A Dama do Pacaembu (1980) and Temporada de Caça (1988). In the 1970s, she went into exile in New York due to military persecutions such as the one described in the video.


I fled from São Paulo, São Paulo was horrible, they were taking people and torturing them. I was in New York, in the second wave of feminism, we went there in 1972. And it was another world. I actually started, uh, started, mixing a little bit with the gay movement and then really the feminist one.

In New York, yes, there was The Duchess, which is quoted in many books. At The Duchess, we danced, we danced, oh, what a wonderful thing I did in life, I still dance alone until nowadays. It’s dancing, man, almost every night, we went to The Duchess, and danced, danced, danced, and organized the next protests, marches, etc. It was awesome!

But then I said “ah, Montoro is going to be governor, now I don’t get anything here, and I came back. And I remember we were at my mother’s house, Norma and I, in front of the fireplace, we came back and stayed here for about 4 months. I remember the two, both crying for Brazil.

There was a place there, you know where Avenida Ipiranga is located? There was a corner, this nightclub was famous. We were there dancing – women, there were just women, I think -, dancing, dancing and then they entered, because at any moment, at any time, they could enter. I hope they’re not there by the door – the police. That’s when the military came in, right? They came in, boy, about 15 came in, they walked around with those guns, like that, and they walked, and do you know what we did? Oh, my skin crawls… we kept dancing, dancing and dancing! And, it was still a dictatorship. And they turned around, around, and we were looking at each other, like that, and dancing and dancing and dancing.

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