Walderez de Barros

Ribeirão Preto – SP, 1940
Actress and Producer
Interview granted in 2022

Walderez de Mathias Martins de Barros is an actress and was born in Ribeirão Preto on October 31, 1940. During the dictatorship, she had not been warned that her children were protected by the headmistress of the school in which they studied: she refused to take into account the requests from students’ mothers asking to expel Walderez’s children from the school due to the fact that their father was Plínio Marcos, a playwright whose plays were considered “indecent” or “pornographic”. The advent of the dictatorship was preceded and accompanied by a wave of conservatism that would be seen again mainly from the second half of the 2010s.


I am going to tell a story that happened and that I only found out about much later, then I already had my other child there too, Leo was there, Aninha was not there yet, because it was a long time later. But the two boys were there, studying, and I always, from the beginning, when I needed – and it often happened to me – I ran out of money, I talked to Aunt Carminha and she said: “you pay me back whenever you can, righ? Don’t worry”. She forgave my debts, she was a wonderful woman financially speaking.

And then, a long time later, I was talking to another mother and I told her: “I think I’m going to take my children out of here, because it’s too expensive, we’re not in a position”. And she said “”if I were you I wouldn’t take them out of the school, after what she has done for you”. “She always does it, she doesn’t charge me, you know, it makes it easy for me, I pay the following year”. And she said “no, no, that’s not the point, no, your children are here because Aunt Carminha demanded it”. A group of mothers went to talk to her, saying that they didn’t want their children to study in the same school as Plínio Marcos’s children and that they wanted Aunt Carminha to get rid of them, to drive out my children from there.

I have always been thinking about that thing about life imposing itself, and suddenly, it’s the truth, you know? Suddenly we are under a dictatorship, they can arrest my husband, they can torture him, they can murder him, they can throw him into the sea like they did with so many people. And yet I live, I take care of my children, you know, I prepare the dinner, I go to the supermarket, you know? Life imposes itself.